Новые технологии в жизнь – Video of Philips READUS device in action


Технологии электронной бумаги таки нашли себе дорогу в жизнь. Представленный Philips еще 2 года назад концепт тогда казался фантастикой, а сегодня его запускают в жизнь. Чтож, история, как известно, движется по спирали, совершенствуя социальные строи, людей, технологии – здесь мы возвращаемся к свиткам – просто теперь они будут цифровыми 😉

Кстати, внизу статьи ссылка на интересное видео…


Click to ZoomHere we are at the next frontier in mobile entertainment and information. While cell phones, PDAs, and PMPs cannot possibly have displays larger than the devices themselves, the Philips READUS has a stealthy roll-out screen (check out the video to see what I mean) that is flexible and lightweight. Utilizing technology from E Ink Corp, the electronic ink display is said to be "easy to read, even in bright daylight".
When you’re done reading whatever you’re reading, you simply roll the 5-inch QVGA display back in, and you’ve got yourself something that’s about the same size as the average cell phone on the market (100 x 60 x 20mm). Much better than unfolding and struggling with a full-size newspaper.
The working prototype is, unfortunately, just monochrome with four different shades of gray, but the company representative did mention that they are working on larger displays as well as those with color capabilities and even a touchscreen interface. In the meantime, you should really restrict yourself to simple text, electronic maps, and the like.


Link to Video of Philips READUS device in action


Итак, новые спейсы с нами! Talking about Windows Live Spaces – It’s Here!


Дождались таки! Теперь спейсы используют технологию Live и позволяют более эффективно строить свои спейсы пользователям (что я в ближайшие дни и собираюсь сделать – думаю новый спейс понравится моим посетителям). Обо всем новом вы можете узнать из статьи с официального блога разработчиков.


Windows Live Spaces – It’s Here!

Hey Spaces Fans!
We’re thrilled to announce that Windows Live Spaces has just released and we hope you’re loving it!   We’ve talked about some of the cool new features of Windows Live Spaces, but if you’re not sure where to start, here are a couple of tips:

1. Set-up your friends list.  Simply add the new Friends Module to your space, or click here to automatically add it to your space, and start inviting your friends.  Once your friends accept your invitation, they will appear to visitors of your space. You can also explore your contacts’ friends (and their friends too) directly from Windows Live Messenger.  Simply click on your contact’s Messenger icon to view their contact card, and then click on the “View this contact’s Friends list” icon on the bottom right hand corner of the contact card.  This will launch the cool new Friends Explorer feature that will allow you to easily navigate through lists of friends. 
2. Add gadgets.  Jazz up your space by adding cool new gadgets.  All you need to do is click on the “Customize” link in your Space when you are in the editor mode, and then click on the link titled “Add gadgets from Windows Live Gallery” to be taken to the Windows Live Gallery where you can select gadgets you want to add to your space. Check out the “Updated Spaces” gadget we just added to The Spacecraft!  You can add this gadget automatically to your space too by simply clicking here.
You will also notice that we heard your feedback on photo navigation features and have brought back the filmstrip as a result!
To find out more of the cool new features of Windows Live Spaces, check out http://discoverspaces.live.com/.  You can also check out spaces guru Mike Torres’ video, where he demos how easy it is to use the new Windows Live Spaces here
Have fun and let us know what you think of the new Windows Live Spaces!
The Spaces Team